SPECIAL STATEMENT - Northern Light Show ?

Posted by Rufus La Lone on

May 10 2024
         (Today's forecast discussion is presented below this statement)
NOAA has issued a “Severe G4 Magnetic Solar Storm Watch" for today into the weekend of May 11,12.  This is a rare “Watch”.  It is the first such alert issued by NOAA since 2005 - before we had ‘smart phones’!  
G4’s are the second-strongest forms of geomagnetic storms - these type of solar storms can cause disruptions in communications of all types - satellite, radio, cell towers, electric power grids, GPS navigation, as examples.  “If geomagnetic storms were hurricanes, ‘severe’ would be Category 4,” says SpaceWeather.com.
Patrons: given a clear sky forecast tonight & this weekend, look out for Aurora borealis (northern lights) - which may be visible as far south as northern California.
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