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Friday July 15

Summer rolls on, so too does a steady weather pattern.  Brief update this morning.  Sip on.
Onshore flow will remain the key factor in holding temperatures down below HOT for the next couple of weeks.  Yes, there will be a day or two, here-&-there, of rather hot afternoons, but right now, we do not foresee a major heat wave on the horizon.
After a relatively cool weekend, temps will ramp up a bit early next week, as that onshore flow weakens, then drop back down a few degrees late week.  The weekend of July 23,24 is trending pleasant.  The last week of the month is trending on the cool side, with a Low pressure trough setting up just offshore.  
We do see hints of a rather warm period arriving as July ends.  Stay tuned on this, as temps could again pop into the triple digit range.  Not unusual for mid-summer.
Last week, a Patron’s daughter captured the image below of a stunning cloud in New Mexico.  Enjoy your weekend.
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