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Monday July 18
The biggest change from our last report is that HOT conditions may arrive a few days early.   In the meantime, refill your morning Mug, and get your morning started.
Temperatures will pop up 5-10 degrees early this week - depending on your location - relative to yesterday, before ‘cooling' back into the 70s & 80s by Thu.  Winds will be gusty, at times, in the afternoons.  A pleasant summer weekend lies ahead, as well.   
The change to HOT looks to come next week.  HOT temperatures developing over NV & UT will expand into the PNW by sometime Tue or Wed July 26,27.  (For newer Patrons sipping a bev, we loosely define hot as 95 - 100+ degrees F.)  We are likely to experience triple-digit temperatures in portions of the Willamette Valley at some point later next week.  Temps in the 90s probable in portions of the Puget Sound, as well; should be a bit cooler along the Canadian border.  Fire danger will be HIGH, so please use caution.
The weekend of July 30,31 should be a turning point back to cooler conditions.  An onshore flow will return, with that blessed marine influence holding down temps.    For now, early Aug looks warm as the month gets underway.  
Water up, esp if you are heading away on vacation.  Overall, the heat wave will probably run 3-4 days west side, a bit longer east of the Cascades.  Southern OR (Medford area) could have 5 consecutive days at or above 100.  —> We should mention that often model projections ‘return’ to earlier solutions, so the general heat-up discussed above could be pushed back a few days.  Either way, we do foresee the potential for the hottest temps of 2022 - to date - arriving as July nears an end and August begins
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