Pleasant Holiday Period

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Monday November 20
Well, the weekend storm was a wee bit underwhelming, but most areas did pick up some rain, with a coat of snow in the Cascades.  The holiday week is upon us, so here’s what we can expect from the sky.
Dry week ahead, aside from a weak system that will bring rain/showers after dark Tue evening (a tad earlier for Vancouver Is.).  The system does looks a little damper than suggested earlier, so Patrons in western OR can also expect wet pavement overnight Tue into early morning Wed.  This system will be a snow producer as the Low moves into the Rocky Mtn states over the holiday.  Not a super rough storm.  Holiday travel will be smooth, excluding any ’self-induced’ airline issues.
Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, weekend:  very decent holiday weather.  Fog could be in play in the usual locations, but rain is off the charts.  Temps will trend cooler than the past few days.  Light frost possible, if the sky clears in your area, esp heading east.
The next outside chance for showers looks to be Tue Nov 28th, but that may be limited to NW WA, if that.  More likely, rain may arrive sometime Thu Nov 30, although model trends have been for that storm to become a California event, with showers possible west side for OR & WA.  We’ll get a better projection of that system after Thanksgiving.  Either way, the early days of December 2023 are looking CHILLY, wet, seasonal.   Could be a dry period after Dec 4, with an E-NE wind.
Please enjoy your 🦃 holiday.  Our staff here sure will.  
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