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Monday February 21
Cold week ahead, so keep that coffee hot.
Showers today and on into this evening will slowly diminish by Tue, as a deep Dome of modified-Arctic air mass arrives Tue, settling in across the eastern basins.  WIND will howl out of the Fraser Gap and, to a lesser degree, the Columbia River Gorge, dropping temps west side into the lowest readings thus far in 2022 by Wed morning.  While the moisture source will “run out” over the next day, the air aloft is turning cold enough for possible SNOW at the surface under some of the lingering showers between now and Wed (or at least rain/snow mixed in many locations).  No major accumulations are expected at sea level.  The ground is yet to be cold enough to ‘hold’ snow in place.  The foothills, coast range and, of course, the Cascades will get a decent dose of The White.  Be prepared.
Wind sheltered areas are likely to drop to 18-22 degrees Wed morning, a few degrees warmer by Fri.  Daytime highs will be down right cold for a couple of days, esp where the wind howls.  Mittens time.
The air mass will slowly warm by the weekend, as warmer Pacific air moves in over the cold.  We do see RAIN returning sometime during the weekend ahead, probably by Sat evening.  Freezing rain may not be an issue (excluding the Gorge), but keep alert, as often the cold air is not moved out fast enough before the precipitation starts.  Next week looks damp overall, with snow levels remaining below the passes, in general.  
Early March is trending to be mixed with rain, mountain snow and chilly temperatures.  The weekend of 5,6 has charted as dry in some model runs, wet in others.  We’ll check this out later.
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