Mild & Damp

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Friday January 19
Remnants of the Arctic Front remain, mostly as piles of snow/ice, although there are cold spots east of the Cascades (normal) and near the Gaps (Fraser & Columbia).   Refill your Mug and see what the balance of January holds in the weather department.
Good news for the remainder of January —>>  mild & wet.  Most of the rain fields will move in from the west-to-northwest, which will keep temperatures mild for January.  The systems are going to be 'spaced out' and are not modeled to be super wet.  Therefore, we can expect 12-24 hr breaks in the rainfall, with a longer stretch of dry likely in the Jan 31 through Feb 2 period.  Please note: NW WA & southern BC will get the brunt of the rainfall, although no flooding issues are currently charting.  
There will be the normal cold air mass pooling over Alaska & the Yukon for the rest of January, but right now, we do not see another movement into the PNW through at least Feb 4, or longer.
“I’ve started investing in stocks: beef, chicken, and vegetable.  One day I hope to be a bouillonaire."  
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