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Monday January 22
Good morn’n, Patron ☕️.  Another week, another update.  Let’s do it.
As discussed last Mon, the PNW is in an "on/off" type of wet period, with systems moving onshore with fairly consistent frequency; that will continue for another work week.  So, expect a short break in the rainfall this evening and into Tue, before the next system arrives to wet the pavement on Wed.  Showers Thu, with more steady rain arriving Fri to get the last day of the week started with a drip.  
Dry Break.  Right now, models suggest a decent January weekend on the way.  Yep.  A short period of dry weather is possible, starting sometime on Saturday.  Sunday looks to be a ’spring tease’ type of day, with mild temps (upper 50s!).  For Oregon, the break should continue through Tue Jan 29; Patrons in NW WA, southwest BC can expect the chance for showers to return on Mon Jan 28.  Temps will remain very mild.  By Wed, rain will return across the entire region and also begin to hit Calif.  It looks wet to end January and get February started.  Late Thu or Fri it could be rather blustery.
The weekend of Feb 3,4 is trending cooler & drier in the PNW; blustery & quite wet in CA, with southern CA potentially hit by a strong, localized flooding, type storm.  We’ll see.
Colder continental air will begin to influence the PNW as the first full week of February gets underway.  No, this is not currently modeled as an Arctic event like last time, just an offshore, cold-dry-air-flow from the PNW interior.  Frosts possible, should the sky clear in your location.  It could hold this way through the entire week.  
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